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Asking a quilter to mend; is like asking Picasso to paint your garage!

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Take a look at some alternate methods to achieve success with those quilting techniques that may otherwise scare you away!!


 READY... There are many new ideas and projects waiting to be discovered and experienced. Some of them, will grab your attention right away; and be added to your wishlist, and others, will be deemed too complex to try.

 SET... Then sometimes—you truly are ready; however, the method just isn't inspiring you to begin. This only means a change of technique is necessary for you, so why not adjust it to suit your own abilities or likes.

 SEW... Why not choose a few projects to learn new techniques and start enjoying the art of quiltmaking today!! Even if you get sidetracked, just remember to enjoy the journey - where ever it takes you! 

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 Need to do it another way... CHECK OUT the INTERCHANGE page for new ways to ignite that creative spark within, by giving some alternate methods a try.

 READY... SET.... SEW...!!

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